Kim Waldron ; 4/12/16

Services performed: Assembly of metal shed ; How he did overall: good, there were problems with the assembly directions but the worker overcome them

Filiberto Rodriguez ; 05/19/16

Services performed: Installation of 2 ceilings fans and a floating cabinet and shelf; How he did overall: Very well

Hank Becker ; 7/21/16

Services performed: Repaired + restrain deck, interior paint, general home repair and prep work for house to be sold. How he did overall: It went great. Dale was very helpful with ideas and advice. He understands how to prep a house for sale. He did excellent quality work, finished an schedule and in budget.

Janne Brower ; 9/12/16

Services performed: Installed 2 lights fixture ; fixed 4 window screens ; How he did overall: Very good!!

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