Add humidity to your home & Save big $$.

All summer your air conditioner removes gallons of water making the air dryer thus more comfortable and cool, in the winter you need to do just the opposite.

You have to add moister to the air.

Raising the humidity level in your home can make life much more comfortable. No dry throat or sinuses in the morning. Less static and shock from clothes & carpet, and perhaps best, you can turn the thermostat down a few degrees saving $$$ and still feel warm & comfortable. Humidity is our friend during the cold winter months so boil some water, turn off the bathroom vents when you shower, get yourself a HUMIDIFIER, or add one to your current heating system.

The savings from turning your thermostat back just 2 or 3 degrees is well worth the small effort.

Oh and go ahead and change that filter while you’re at it and give your furnace a breather.

Uncle Handy.

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